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While its little sister, El Alto, gives the impression of being even larger, the valley in which La Paz is situated affords striking panoramas of the city that reveal its true size. However, one of the things you notice when gazing at both cities is the lack of parks and green spaces.

There are many reasons for this, eken as стратегия для бинарных опционов, social and cultural.

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But this is starting to change. Green spaces are being preserved and created throughout the city, despite the many challenges.

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The slopes of La Paz can be deceptive. Many of eken as стратегия для бинарных опционов green spaces are tucked away from prying eyes. La Paz currently has 2.

eken as стратегия для бинарных опционов

This has cultural roots, according to Yorema Gutierrez, a biologist and local advocate for public spaces. Gutierrez suggests some tentative solutions for this, pointing out how much more effective grassroots action can be, compared to that of the municipalities.

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Under its managing director, Julio Eken as стратегия для бинарных опционов. Despite the damning statistics, Linares is optimistic. This is an enormous task, with those green areas amounting to about one million square metres of land. The fight to make La Paz greener has not been an easy one.

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Linares cites the numerous struggles they have faced, from the topography of the city to fighting with landlords. Improve them, re-purpose them, modernise them.

Luis Revilla, the mayor of La Paz, instructed the company to refrain from watering plants with drinkable water. This prompted Emaverde to radically rethink how to manage its parks and adapt their methods.

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Using rocks was new for us and more complicated than what we were doing before. The main challenge for Emaverde, however, remains financial.

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The rest of its resources comes from the municipal government. We work with what we have. Linares This does not necessarily spell the end for the expansion of green spaces.

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Apart from maintaining parks, Emaverde also works in reforestation. For this endeavour, Emaverde partnered with Banco Bisa and the social responsibility departments of several other companies.

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While the central government has also tried its hand at reforestation, it has only achieved limited success. According to Linares, in communities around Oruro almost eken as стратегия для бинарных опционов plants survived a few months after planting, due to a lack of supervision.

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By regional standards, La Paz has a lot of work to do. These neighbouring countries do benefit from more favourable weather conditions, but La Paz has made admirable progress, both statistically and in the hearts and minds of its citizens.

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